Nowadays, SEO is widely used among businesses as their top marketing strategy when it comes to promoting online. The success of search engine optimization will also depend on what kind of SEO company you hired. Hiring Erie SEO Company is challenging, since the process has its pitfalls and successes. The following are our tips when it comes to hiring such company.  

SEO Company Step 1: Determine Your Goals 

It’s best that you know what you want, so you can easily tell the SEO company what you would like to achieve. Figure out the goals you want to achieve using SEO. Some of the good goals you can list down are: traffic from specific people (women, men, whites, blacks), boost the revenue, boost downloads or free trials, and boosts sentiment from the brand. However, there are also bad goals that you should watch out for. They are more and more traffic, rankings alone, beating a competitor and vanity metrics.  

Step 2: Evaluate and List SEO Companies 

Once you already determined your goals, you should evaluate at least 3-5 firms or companies that specialize in SEO. Create criteria and interview each of the company/agents you listed. Next thing to do is ask references from your friends. Looking for an SEO company out there is like finding a needle in hay, it’s challenging and you’ll never know if you found the right one. Ask your friends and your professional networks. A non-competitive company is also a good source.  

You can also as industry insiders. Ask them for recommendations, especially if you value their opinion and influence on the matter. Following people on social media or reading SEO blogs will definitely help you in your search for the perfect SEO company.  

Step 3: Interview 

Once you finalize the list of your prospects, you can start the interview. There are important questions you should ask and we will tell you what those are. First, ask the company about the process they’re going to do in order to accomplish the goals you have. Second, ask them about the process of communication and reporting. That includes collecting the metrics and how often do they report them to you. Third, ask them about the resources and works they will commit internally. Fourth, ask them how Google ranks the results and how their company can influence that.  

Step 4: Final Decision 

Once you’re done with the interview, it’s now time to choose the best company. Remember about the criteria we talked about earlier? Use that criterion. For us, it is best that you choose the company based on the trust that you’ve established with them. This means that the company is reliable. Next, if the company has good referrals and reviews; that means it’s a good signal of their performance. Third, communication is important so if your style matches theirs, then you can work great. Lastly, don’t forget about the cost and contract. You should be able to come up with terms you agreed to.